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The picturesque town of Labin is located on a sea overlooking320 m high hill. Its distance from the sea is only 3 km. The town was inhabited, according to available artifacts, 2000 years BC. Its ancient name was Albona or Alvona, which in Celtic language means a town on a hill. After the Illyrians, the town was under Roman rule, followed by the rule of Byzantium, the Franks, the Venetians, Napoleon, the Hapsburgs, and Italy. Each of them has left a mark in its identity. The town still preserves the spirit of its noble past, while its beauty keeps attracting  large number of tourists. It’s recent past is closely tied with coal mining. Due to the mining, black and green, a lantern, and a hammer, have become trademarks for easy recognition of its citizens and the surrounding area. Even today, with coal-mining discontinued some time ago, these trademarks are still signs keeping the area distinguishable. Labin keeps glowing with magic glow and attractiveness...

According to the legend, Rabac got its name from sparrows (vrabac). They used to quench their thirst in a small creek which joined the sea in the corner of Long Beach, as it was the single source of running water in the Rabac and was discovered by sparrows.Owing to its string of white pebbled beaches, its crystal clear, clean and translucent sea water, it was named “the Pearl of Kvarner”. In 2002 Rabac was
awarded with 4 Blue-Flags - international ecological award, the sign of quality and safety, as well as implementation of high ecological standards and care for the environment. Please, be aware that the sea you are enjoying is one of the cleanest in Europe...

Raša is the youngest town in Istra. On the personal initiative of Mussolini, the town construction started in the middle of 1936.The story of Raša is tied to the beginning of coalmining in Labin County, in the last decade of 18th century. A well indented coastline of the Raša Bay includes many beaches and coves located by the crystal and pure sea.The town square is complemented by St.Barbara church...

The commune of Sveta Nedelja is newly formed commune which includes villages of Nedešćina, Šumber, Saint Martin, Snašići and Štrmac.From tourist and gastronomic point of view, this is the locality of unexplored beauty, where the locals will still offer you a pint of wine, goat or sheep cheese, smoked ham... In Sveta Nedelja, you will find many fine restaurants, taverns, and village tourism sites.Istra had a number of Benedictine monasteries (church and other related structures). One of these monasteries, the Holy Trinity, was located in, what is today, the village of Sveta Nedelja. Around the monastery, a village developed, assuming the same name. In the course of time, the village name eventually changed to Sveta Nedelja (Santa Domenica d’ Albona), and then to Nedešćina...


…sleepy place that with its harbor and auto camp keeps remains the favorite place for a lot of domestic and foreign guests. It is a proud owner of numerous bays, gulfs, caves and ledges that will always again attract the guests who want to spent their vacation on “Mediterranean as it once were”. Here you can find ...


Plomin, a small town overlooking the Plomin Bay, the town with deep roots in the past. In Roman times Fianona was inhabited and prosperous.The town proudly keeps partially preserved city wall from 13th century, and fortifications built later,between 14th and 17th ct. Do not miss visiting this town and enjoy the views it offers. The Parish church of Blessed Virgin Mary of the late Gothic period, is situated near the town. This church is also known as St. George Junior, from 1474, with carved
golden altar from 17th ct.Its treasure is best illustrated by artistic wood carvings, liturgical silverware, other artifacts made of silver or gold plated as well as by the late Gothic fresco depicting our Lady of Sustenance by Albert of Constanz on the Boden Lake...

Travelling along the East coast of Istra by Rijeka - Pula road, you come upon beautiful and unique sightseeings of the island of Cres and Kvarner Bay. The scenery may include ferryboats taking cars and passengers across the bay to Porozina on the island of Cres.St. Catherine’s church, located in Baći, marks the border point with the community of Mošćenićka Draga.To fully experience the beauty of this area, make a stop at Point Mašnjak (Pax Tecum) and enjoy the view from the sightseeing...

A medieval town located in the interior of Istra located on hill 365 meters above the sea level, about twenty kilometers away from Labin.Pićan (in Latin: Petina, in Italian Pedena) was a seat of diocese between 6th and 18th century. The town is a birthplace of Matko Brajša-Rašan, a famous composer and folklorist, the author of popular and famous regional Istrian hymn...